Lipot Klein Family Composite Phot

Here’s an example of a photo that was resized using Waifu2x.

I’m not going to tell you which image is the before and after, but it’s pretty obvious.

The project can be found on GitHub here.

You can also use it here.

I suggest you use Exiftool before uploading any photos. I’ve got no reason to think anything evil is going on, but it’s always best to try to protect some privacy.

The command to clean metadata is:

exiftool -all= image-name.jpg

The extension can be gif, png, jpg, etc.

The option -all has a space before and after.

You can also vpn in to try stop ip logging. Then use “incognito mode” to attempt to prevent cookies. And manually clear cookies before and after. And then virus scan any files you download.

Again, there’s nothing to suggest that anything bad will happen if you use this tool. But that’s the world we live in.